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Resources and Materials

Emergency Contact Numbers

 Contacts numbers for emergency situations such as abuse/violence.

Please download and share this PDF with others as it will be useful during an emergency. Please also keep a copy handy for yourself. This is a great list of resources for situations like domestic violence issues, suicide hotlines, warmlines, teen lines, crisis lines, etc. Please know that someone is always willing to listen and help. Click here

Image by Michelle McEwen

Destination Planner

Please click the link below to download The Therapy Chick "Destination Planner". Use this planner to help you stay focused on your goals throughout the year. Click here

Image by Alexa Williams

Yearly Goals

Please click the link below to download The Therapy Chick " Yearly Goals" Template. This will template will allow you to do one of two things: either set goals for every month of the year or set one specific goal and then break them up for twelve months or steps. Click here

Image by Behnam Norouzi

Mood Assessment Tool for Depression

The depression checklist is a tool used to help individuals assess if they may be experiencing symptoms of depression. It includes a series of questions related to common symptoms of depression, such as changes in mood, energy levels, and sleep patterns. By answering these questions honestly, individuals can determine if they may benefit from seeking help from a mental health professional. The depression checklist is not a substitute for professional medical advice, but it can be a helpful starting point for individuals who are concerned about their mental health.
Click here

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Smart Goals Template

Please click the link below to download The Therapy Chick "Smart Goals" template. The Smart Goals template will help you define your goals, make sure they are attainable and measurable. Click here

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