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Female Friends

Real Conversations. Real Connections. Safe Spaces.

Welcome to The Therapy Chick!

I'm so excited to meet and work with you. My name is Serita Polinaire, M.A , the founder and heart behind The Therapy Chick. I am a lupus survivor, an advocate for finding your own happiness, joy, and what moves you. I am deeply passionate about creating safe spaces where amazing women, like you, can flourish. At the core of my mission, there are three things that I'm deeply passionate about:

Listening with an Open Heart

In today's world, it's rare to find a place where you can share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions without judgment. We walk around with fear that venting our frustrations may be seen as offensive. In this space, you will be seen and genuinely heard. Here, you will always find an empathetic ear ready to listen.

Guiding Through Life's Crossroads

At various junctures in life, the path forward can seem clouded with doubt and uncertainty. With The Therapy Chick, you'll never have to navigate these crossroads alone. Together, we'll bring clarity to your thoughts and reignite the passions that the past may have dimmed.

Turning Dreams into Reality

If you're armed with a dream or goal but are stumbling to find the right path forward, you're in the right place. Together, we'll fan those flames of ambition and craft a roadmap tailored for you.

My Life's Work

Over the past 17 years, my journey has led me through various avenues of mental health.  Currently, I am a Doctoral Candidate for Developmental Psychology, holding a Masters's in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Bachelor's in Clinical Psychology. I also serve on several boards and work as an advocate and national ambassador for a  lupus non-profit. I have also worked as a counselor in diverse settings such as youth and family services, crisis centers, and LGBTQ+ services both private and public. My vast experience reinforces the ethos of The Therapy Chick: to provide a robust support system for every individual who walks through my virtual door.

Please note that while I am deeply embedded in the world of mental health, The Therapy Chick does not diagnose nor offer services from licensed therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists.


My range of services, including Friendly Chats and Accountability Partner sessions, are meticulously designed to resonate with your needs. Whether it's a casual conversation about your day, or a structured discussion to keep you aligned with your goals, The Therapy Chick has got you covered.

In this haven, every voice matters, every story is significant, and every dream is worth pursuing.

So why wait? Make an appointment with me and let's embark on this transformative journey together. Welcome home.

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