Writer, Educator, Speaker, Doer Of Things

Serita Polinaire,MA is a writer, speaker, educator, and supportive psychotherapist with more than 14 years of extensive industry experience. She helps individuals struggling with clarity, focus, direction, goal setting, intention, and balance. In doing this, she hopes they develop the skills they need to realize and achieve their goals as well as overcome the obstacles blocking their path. Serita has a particular interest in guiding and encouraging women and aims to equip every one with the skillsets and toolkits necessary to gain access to their own means. 

One of Serita’s biggest passions is education, and she holds her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has also completed several courses and certificates in CBT and ABA therapies which she has practiced in the past. Today, her primary focus is on goal alignment, life coaching, and education. Serita uses her extensive psychology background and education coupled with her own real-world encounters to provide others with a thorough and well-rounded understand of mental health. She incorporates various techniques into her own daily practice, including meditation, which she likes to use to help others with goal setting and clarity. Serita is an incredibly attentive listener and always takes the time to truly understand the obstacles others are facing so that they can work together to find the root of the problem and overcome it. She loves having the opportunity to connect with and support others from all walks of life, and her passion for her work reflects in everything she does.